Art and ActivismOne of the benefits of living in a college town is the exposure to an  abundance of interesting topics and issues always being addressed and studied.

Art can take on a roll of education and instigate activism and such an exhibit is currently on view on campus.

UNC’s Fed Ex Global Education Center is showcasing work of American Artist Mitch Lewis. The artist uses sculptures he has constructed from terracotta, bronze, resins and wires to bring our attention to the genocide  which occurred in Darfur Sudan from 2003-2006.

“Toward Greater Awareness” Darfur and American Activism is on display from October 17-December 17.

The exhibit is small but immensely powerful and thought provoking.  The sculptures  reflect  a dignity of the souls of the Sudanese people as their physical bodies are tortured brutilized and  mutilated.

ART with  A MESSAGE and humanitarian cry.

View it PLEASE.