Wendy Wilmot and Andy Sayre are introducing an exciting new map gallery to the Bald Head Island Art Scene. This gallery will feature historic maps of the eastern seaboard with special focus on the coast of the Carolinas. They have assembled an interesting and well curated collection with papers of authenticity and well researched information.

The Gallery is adjacent to the Wendy Wilmot Properties Real Estate offices and also next door to All About Art, another attractive eceletic Art Gallery (I have blogged about it often).

The small Island of Bald Head is establishing itself as an ART destination of much interest along the Coastal Carolinas.

I had the pleasure of arranging the maps in this new space. Stop in and have a look.

Wendy Wilmot Properties Map Gallery BHI


Mother’s Day is such a special day honoring all the wonderful woman in my life.
I have enjoyed a rainy day at Bald Head Island reflecting on the LOVING Mother I had and her equally fabulous Mother….my GrandMother Ma!.
My life has been so blessed with my Sisters, Aunts (one pictured here Aunt Nina from Beirut)and Nieces.
Now as the years march on I have my incredible Daughters, and Grandchildren.

The SWEETNESS of MOTHERHOOD is LIFE’S most beautiful gift!!!!Ba's birthday with Ma and Nina

Anahid-bw-19 with all lightened

Anahid and Alex Easter

Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery
Today was the final day of our Italian Tour.
We ended the visit with another visual and historical tour of great opulence: the Borghese Gallery.

The assemblage of artworks in this museum was collected by the powerful and wealthy Cardinal Scipione (in the early 1600’s) who was a fanatic about adding masterpieces to his collection. History recounts that he often used very ” unholy” and illegal means in his attempt to amass this art collection. As a result, some of the world’s greatest treasures are housed here. Among my favorites are the sculptures of Bernini : Apollo & Dafne, Pluto & Proserpina; and the paintings of Caravaggio : Madonna de Palafrenieri & Boy with Basket of Fruit. These works are all breathtaking. The Gallery is surrounded by beautiful gardens which afforded us a pleasant stroll as we said our good-byes to Italy.
We decided to console ourselves with one last gelato……….

We thank you for following our journey………Un Abbraccio, a hug, e Ciao Ciao,

Anahid and Maleka

September 23, 2011

our last gelato

our last gelato