Fearrington’s Folk Art Show 2015

Folk art 2Folk Art
Fearrington Village’s annual Folk Art Show continues to bring in interesting talent. Each year the show highlights many of the South’s most interesting self-taught artists. The list of artists is long. Today I have featured a few that were especially intriguing. Chris Beckart from Dalton Georgia is featured above displaying his sculptural pieces made of old salvaged roofing tin. He has managed to defy the stiff physics of the tin and transformed it into soft appealing fabric like sculptures with sentimental references to his past.
Materials used to create Folk art are often inexpensive cast offs. These unusual beginnings add to the appeal of why folk art is loved and appreciated. Artist Tres Taylor paints only on Tar Paper. Long rolls of the paper give him unrestricted dimensions to many of his paintings. The textured black cloth affords vibrant color depth. His paintings are rich, compelling and playful.

Brian Dowdall, visionary, has transformed animals with enormous mouths that seem like they can jump off their wooden boards and eat you for supper!

Danny Dougherty also a visionary folk artist, makes farmyard scenes come alive with happy curvaceous forms of figures playing in the fields and barnyards.

If you missed the show this year…..be sure to put it on your calendar for next year, same time , same place, same good fun.

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